I was 60 just over 2 weeks ago and my birthday present to myself was to attempt a Ventoux Triple and with John and gerry’s help that’s what I did. The whole experience has been an adventure of epic proportions. It has been enormously enriched not only by John and Gerry’s infinite patience, their valuable insights, their meticulous organisation and technical knowledge of the challenge presented by Ventoux, but also by their unwavering good humour. I’ve wanted to do this for a few years but “life” has got in the way. I’m thrilled I finally got to do it and am still slightly bewildered how on earth I managed to complete it given it was only a month since I was hit from behind by a car.

I’m very pleased I made a good choice to do it with you guys, and I don’t know when but I will be back. Just have to conduct some delicate negotiations with She Who Must Be Obeyed. I don’t hand out endorsements casually but I would thoroughly recommend John and Gerry at 44|5 to anyone of any standard or age who would like to challenge themselves on a bike. Thanks fellas!!