I went on a week-long cycling trip in Provance and the French Alps using 44-5 as tour guides – a long trek from California where I live. The trip had been arranged by my friends, so I went in excited but uncertain. It turns out Jerry and John were fantastic – the trip way exceeded my expectations. Every part of the trip was wonderful – Gerry and John arranged great hotels, they handled the bikes and logistics, they picked great routes to ride, and, the part I wasn’t expecting, they picked amazing places to eat.

France is, of course, a country known for its food, but having a couple of “locals” (technically they are Canadian and American expats- but they’ve lived there a long time now) who know the local proprietors and best places to eat made it a transcendent experience. I personally had one of the best meals of my life on this trip. For the rides they would support us with vehicles, supplies, and, where possible, one or both would ride with us. They were great to just hang out with as well, they felt like extra members of our party.

I whole-heartedly recommend them, and am looking forward to a return trip with 44-5 to explore of the amazing riding of Europe!