For a group of “reasonably fit flatlanders” taking on the “Giant of Provence” was a monumental challenge. However, with the help of Gerry and John we achieved everything we had set out to do. A successful week away climbing Ventoux and seeing all that the beautiful Provence countryside had to offer!

The 44-5 team were patient and responsive with all our pre-trip inquiries. The Hotel de Pins was a good base to operate from and more than adequate for our purposes. Gerry showed an experienced hand on the first day by setting us a testing ride to get our legs ready for the tougher days ahead. The day up Ventoux itself was epic and the constant words of encouragement from John in the support car made a big difference. Finally, Gerry showed great flexibility in extending our third day of riding to make our next morning departure that much easier.

All in all a great experience made better by the great service from Gerry and John. A knowledgeable, engaging and fun bunch of fellows who will make any cycling trip that much more enjoyable. Highly recommended to the novice and the experienced rider alike.