We last enjoyed a cycling tour put together for our group by 445 Cycling Tours in 2016. It was marvelous. Maybe it was a fluke or that Gerry and John (owners/operators) just wanted to impress us the first time. Maybe they might’ve slacked off since that time.

Well, after completing another well planned and executed cycling tour for basically our same group in Southern France and Girona, Spain, it was no fluke with the first wonderful experience we had with the guys in 2016. Again in 2018 we stayed at some very nice hotels which gave us the real flavors of each country, rode through some spectacular scenic countryside, ate well and was provided with not only great customer service but with great attitudes and friendliness from John and Gerry.

Upon seeing them when they picked us up at the start of our trip, after not seeing them for over two years, it was like yesterday that we just saw them, like old friends. Both are great, down-to-earth guys who not only put together a stellar cycling tour for us but are fun to be with and to ride with.

I can’t say enough about our fantastic experiences with 445 Cycling Tours!!