Short-stay semi-independent cycling tours in the south of France and Spain

Our BreakAway packages are short-stay, semi-supported tours based close to where we live, in the south of France (and across the border in Spain). These tours are private and custom and perfect for the time-crunch cyclist.

What makes our BreakAway packages unique is that you can choose your own dates. If we have the space on our calendar we are happy to arrange a BreakAway for you anytime.

BreakAways are also custom and private, so we are able to design rides to suit your needs and fitness. Guided rides are done in the morning, giving you the rest of the day to rest, relax and explore the beautiful area you are staying in.


Nicknamed ‘The Giant of Provence’, Mont Ventoux lives up to its name before you even take your first pedal stroke at the bottom of the climb. Your Ventoux BreakAway includes a vehicle-supported climb of Le Géant, plus as many guided rides in the beautiful surrounding area as you’d like.

Last turn of Mont Ventoux
  • Dates: Choose your own
  • Where: Provence / Mont Ventoux
  • Price: from €415
  • From 2 Nights / 2 Days
  • Level: Challenging


Located in the picturesque Luberon Valley, you will be cycling in the heart of Provence. Hilltop villages dot the landscape, while poppies and lavender carpet the valley. There really is nothing like riding in southern France.

Cycling group in Provence
  • Dates: Choose your own
  • Where: Provence – Luberon Valley
  • Price: from €415
  • From 2 Nights / 2 Days
  • Level: All levels welcome


Girona is one of most vibrant little cities in southern Europe, with many great cafes, restaurants and bars. It also happens to be the home of many pro cyclists. Rides are varied and include a volcanic reserve, the Mediterranean Sea, and a local climb that pros test their legs on before big tours.

Girona flower festival
  • Dates: Choose your own
  • Where: Girona, Spain
  • Price: from €1090 (4 riders min)
  • 4 Nights / 4 Days
  • Level: Moderate


Just up the road from the astounding Pont du Gard, the hilltop town of Uzès is filled with historical buildings, winding streets, and one of the most popular markets in the area. More importantly, the cycling in any direction from town is wonderful, with near-endless options and terrain.

Pont du Gard
  • Dates: Choose your own
  • Where: South of France
  • Price: from €415
  • From 2 Nights / 2 Days
  • Level: All levels welcome

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